I started showing an interest in cutting hair from a young age of just 14, cutting my mates hair after school. At first, I would watch online video tutorials to learn scissor techniques and how to fade. 

Shortly after I decided to learn professionally, so whilst playing football & boxing I attended College. 

At 17 I couldn’t see a career for myself in either of the two sports so I got my first job as a Barber. 
Over the last 6 years, I’ve worked in several Barber’s in & around Manchester, perfecting my scissor work. From dealing with mod cuts in Haslingden to working in Northern Quarter in shops that specialize in fades, each of these roles has helped me to gain an all-round capability within the Barbering industry. 
My favourite type of cuts are fades and scissor work with tapers so if you want a clean cut and to talk about sport on the weekend then get booked in!